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StatisticsNo of Students : 342
No of Teachers : 13
No of Units : 16
No of Components : 40



To facilitate learning and to reduce the time that is use for learning.


Using this learning system based on Web, teachers can set at hand of students also learning units in digital format and questions for (auto) evaluation. The availability of a learning unit through this system doesn’t exclude the traditional way of learning.
Every learning unit is made from one or more
components, is design for a specific grade and has associate a specific subject matter or attribute interdisciplinary if is a content that resort to all-round education.


All of us if we are interested to obtain/ facilitate superior results in instructive-educative process.

The success of using this system is due to the teacher effort to populate this platform with qualitative educational material and with a set of questions important as number and content.

Suggestions to: admin@webprof.ro

Ideea Prof. Ana Maria Arişanu-Lăculeanu,
Designed and coded by : Dinulescu Dragoş and Hasna Robert

English version : Prof. Antonia Elisabeta Haller


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. 2 Baze de date
. 3 Teste recapitula...
. 4 Grafuri orientate
. 5 Grafuri neorientate

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